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I believe we can all make music. Some will play well, others – not so much. Yet music stimulates the brain, creates focus and concentration. It improves memorisation and creativity. It promotes positive self-worth.

This all affects and contributes to better academics, self-discipline and use of the brain.

I offer the following:

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I am a trained, experienced musician and teacher on various instruments. I am a Qualified, Accredited Teacher with UNISA, and Trinity College London.

During my military training, I qualified as a military bandmaster.

I hold the following qualifications:

Honours Degree in Musicology(UNISA)

Performers Licentiate Piano(UPLM)(UNISA)

Performers Licentiate Tuba (UPLM)(UNISA)

Grade 8 Violin (UNISA)

Grade 7 Cello(Trinity College)

Grade 7 Theory(UNISA).

I am fairly proficient on the Clarinet.

Very proficient on Alto Saxophone